Author’s Bio

Holly Fortune Ratcliff graduated from Texas State University, where she earned her B.A. in Creative Writing and worked as a Lead Tutor and the Creative Writing Workshop Coordinator at the Texas State Writing Center. Here, you will find her portfolio of poems, literary criticism, and articles. All photos and images are of her own making unless it is stated otherwise.

Holly busies herself with the piano, crafts, literature, baking, yoga, running, and public service. She volunteers for Austin Bat Cave and Breakthrough Austin.

Her journalistic work is available through San Marcos Corridor News.

Her thesis Thing and Beings: A Literary Criticism of Objects is available through the Texas State University’s library database.

Her most recent research has been published through the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal: “‘Too much water hast thou, poor Ophelia’: An Object-Oriented Reading of Hamlet“.

Instagram: @HollytheHare
Twitter: @HollytheHare


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